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Mark Cottrell
Apples to Aplets

I grew up in the Midwest & knew nothing about your sweet treats until about 20 years ago. I first discovered Aplets while reading some letters my dad, a Veteran of World War 2, wrote from North Africa, Sicily & Italy. In a letter he asked his dad to send more Aplets, as his buddies loved them & they were gone in a flash. I thought he meant apples & had misspelled it. But he referred to Aplets again & again in several letters & I thought cripes he didn't know how to spell apple. I googled the word Aplets in case I was missing something & found your site. In the 1930's my dad & grandad traveled Montana Washington & down the coast to California picking any fruit that was in season. Apples, cherries, olives etc, & that was where he was introduced to your Aplets in Washington. I was curious so I ordered some Aplets & Cotlets for my parents who were in their 80's at the time. What a smile my dad had when he saw & tasted your treats for the 1st time in 60 some years. Sadly my dad passed away in 2017 at the age of 94 but my mom is soon to be 98 & is still eating your delightful confections that her & I buy every so often. I'm not saying Aplets won World War 2, but very time I stick one in my mouth, I think of what my dad & all of his companions were going through on front lines as combat infantrymen & how much they must have enjoyed those Aplets when they were sent in the mail from home. Thanks for keeping this great product alive.

James Spitzkeit
A Unique Palate Pleasing Candy

My wife and I have enjoyed this unique candy for years. We enjoy giving boxes of it to our family and friends who like it a lot. Both of us have a sweet tooth. When I ask "what's for dessert?" she often answers: "I'm having two pieces of Aplets and Cotlets". The 10 oz box, 20 pieces is just the right size gift and the price is very reasonable. We highly recommend Aplets and Cotlets with a warning that they may become a habit. They are an excellent product. Try them. You won't be disappointed and Liberty Orchards will be pleased.

kathy saucedo
first time Ever!!

I work in a senior community and one of our Residents received a box of your aplets and cotlets, never heard of them! so i helped her open the box she offered me one, at first i was being polite and took one. then i said hmmm let me just try it.!!! oh my goodness!!!! what i tasted was sooooo gooood!!! i am glad i took that step to try something new! yum!!! delish!

Karla Boren
Longtime fan

We received a box of Aplets & Cotlets - is one of my favorite treats!I first had them more than 40 years ago.My Father bought them often because they were his favorites,too. Thanks for a consistently delicious product!

ella baumbauer
good stuff

Wonderful sweet, but just right and light... good stuff.